About saltDEZIGN

My name is "Hamza Yousuf Shaikh" & I am an Independent Graphic Designer with small but my own venture 'saltDEZIGN. graphic design & communication' based in Mumbai, India.

 ..Being a visualiser with many sophisticated graphics having been successfully executed for corporates and institutions, you may wonder why I chose to operate under this ordinary yet unusual name, *SALT*!

No, it is not a cheap gimmick!

I chose the name with great conviction and deliberation. I firmly believe salt is a vital ingredient that adds delight and value to food in an incomparable and significant way.

I firmly believe with a great deal of conviction that my graphics add a similar kind of delight and value to products and services.

My tag line rightly indicates : ADD FLAVOUR TO BUSINESS.

When given any assignment, I am overcome with a desire to create something that would significantly attract the viewer’s attention – enhancing the value of the product or service that needs to be promoted. Yet, I am fully conscious of the fact that I need to work within a framework that the buyer and the market expects. The challenge then becomes ten-fold – to be creative and yet market-oriented. Also, I take the competition into consideration – an important aspect that many designers choose to neglect.

I have met many such challenges with a good degree of success, satisfying my customers with unique and effective graphic designs.

My portfolio covers a wide spectrum of requirements –
Brand Identity, Corporate Identity System, Press Advertisements, Corporate Brochures, Technical Literature, Posters, POP items, Packaging, Logo Concepts, Stationery, Catalogues, Manuals – practically the entire Print & Web media.

Say hello. If you would like to discuss a potential project, collaborate with us or simply have a creative chat. Get in touch.

saltDEZIGN. Graphic Design & Communication | +91 9619 839 886 | shaikh.hamza@gmail.com


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